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    Mods please move or delete if Ive posted wrong

    Hey guys

    Just a few questions
    I'm midway between a nood and someone who's gonna brick his wii soon.

    My system is running firmware 4.0u
    I have the homebrew channel installed,
    and using neogama 9/ 47, and cfg loader v64 cios222.

    Heres where I'm a bit lost
    I had cios 249 installed, but it wasn't working well with a Seagate hd I was using
    someone recommended cios222 so I installed that and it worked with my Seagate.
    next black ops would not load so I read that cios224 57 worked with it
    loaded that and low and behold the game worked.

    Can you install more than 1 version of the cios, like 249, 222, 224 if so how ?

    I noticed cios249 was faster at dumping a game when connected to a drive that worked with it
    15 minutes for cios249 on Hitachi 250gb, vs 50 minutes for cios222 on a Seagate 500gb.

    Can I load cios249 on the unit, but have black ops work which needs cios224.

    Sorry there is so much to read on wii its overbearing.....

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    Change the games "individual" settings to load with a base 57 IOS. If you install a cIOS to say slot 248 with base wad 57 then change the game settings to load with ios248
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    You are using 2 drives? You can't use two versions of 249, you could install it to other slots like 248. Everything works fine now, correct? You can set the game IOS to load in the game options.
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    Jun 29, 2009
    You can fill up the slots 222, 223, 224, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249 and 250 all with cios'
    CFG loader will load with either 222 or 249 depending on which package you download.

    Once in CFG, individual games can be loaded with alternative cIOS'. Click the 1 button when game is highlighted to
    access the settings and change ios to whichever you wish to try.

    There is no one cios fits all, but using waninkokos rev21 with base 56 installed to slot 249 covers 97%. If controller
    lag is present
    try xflaks modified cIOS
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    Jan 21, 2011
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    If I understand right, my seagate 500gb needs cios222 to work,
    but I can also have cios249 installed on the system,
    and select 224 in cfg loader settings for the game to get it to load.

    what I wasn't sure of was if I could load cios249, and cios222 both at the same time on the system
    I thought it was iether one or the other.