Choosing IOS bases

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Here is my IOS base choices and slots. What do you think?

    System Menu 4.2u; I had been considering downgrading to 4.1 but I don't see much point. I've updated all my IOS's to the latest versions and removed the stubs. I also installed the latest versions of IOS's for all the system menus to make switching around safer/easier. Once the stubs are removed and the IOS's are fully updated I reason that the choice of system menu is moot. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

    202 60; seem kind of redundant now except for old homebrew, most look like they use 58 now?
    222 38
    223 37
    224 57

    248 37 alternate compatible but slow
    249 57 better/faster usb loading
    250 56 most compatible

    Although for the life of me certain games just won't load with my usb drive and cfg. The stubborn ones are Goldeneye, Metroid other M, Black Ops, and HotD: Overkill. I've burned these games to CD and launch from Neogamma. I've tried alt dol loading and multiple IOS's and ISO's, guess I have to get a retail copy and see how that ISO works.