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    Feb 22, 2009
    To put the massive cheat database file on my TTDS, do I put it in a "Cheats" folder or do I put in in my games folder? and then what? How do I activate all these cheats? [​IMG]
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    Grab the file that ends in "" from then unzip the archive and put USERCHEAT.DAT file into the TTMENU folder (replacing the one that's already there).

    You activate them from the menu. To turn on cheats for an individual game, select the game and press the plus button on the touchscreen (or press SELECT) to be taken to the game options menu. Select to turn cheats on. Then select the cheats tab (or press right) to access the list of cheats. Once finished save your selection.

    You can turn on and off cheats from within a game that's running using the following button combinations:
    • cheats off: L+R+START+DOWN
    • cheats on: L+R+START+UP