cheat nitepr problem

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  1. bougar

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    Jul 25, 2010
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    hello, i´m spanish and my english is not very good
    the proble is:
    i dowload from and in the folther i don´t find the txt file
    i try wich cheat up but it not found
    someone know where can i find a database for nitepr
  2. raing3

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    Apr 2, 2009
    NitePR sucks and I removed the NitePR codes cause I was sick of sites leaching off the work I put into putting it all together so I removed them.

    If you want the NitePR feel just use and the cheat.db file in the GBAtemp PSP cheat database.

    Why does NitePR suck:
    - Horrible code types. Not everyone knows MIPS so having a decent set of codetypes can help immensely in creating codes and also reduces the amount of lines a code needs to work correctly.
    - Each game has its own cheat file. Who wants to waste 20-30MB of Memory Stick space when all that is really required is 1MB if codes are in a single file. This also makes updating the codes almost instant instead of extracting hundreds of tiny little files.

    The only way you are getting NitePR codes is if you get them from the GBAtemp cheat forum itself as they are still being maintained on the forum just not added to the database. But I recommend changing to something (anything) else than NitePR.

    If you are having doubts about lack of cheats with other cheat devices... every cheat that was available in the GBAtemp PSP cheat database is also available for the other cheat devices.

    You want to use NitePR codes posted on other sites? Fine use, that will convert 99.99% of available NitePR codes that are formatted correctly to CWCheat format.