Channels broken except for Homebrew

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    Mar 8, 2009
    I've got my working 3.3E backed up to NAND with BootMii.
    I've just upgraded to 4.1E successfully.
    My problem is that on both revisions my Mii Channels isn't working and no channel other than Homebrew is working.
    It started several months ago with I believe a faulty WAD file that caused my Wii to be bricked.
    I had preloader installed so was able to get a system update installed and I worked my way back to a fully loaded system.


    Finally I've resolved every issue. I have just used DOP IOS and went through a procedure of installing any IOS which were not installed, and I chose to install the latest version.
    Now I am able to run Mii Channel.

    Finally I used BootMii to make a backup NAND of thisworking 4.1E with Mii Channel and USB Loader working. Also I bought Wii Sports retail and a second Wii motion; anyway after making a backup through USB Loader I couldn't get it working through the same.
    With Sports Resort the workaround for that one is to run the game with the ALt DOL (named RZTP.DOL search Google) and watch the video, the game will cause the Wii to reboot at the end of the video.
    When you run the game from USB Loader the second time you change the load from alt DOL to NO and the game runs.....