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    I very much dislike the way my USB Loader GX looks at me when I load up my Wii, and I was wondering if there was any way to change it to an image or a graphic I choose. Is there a way to modify the .dol or something? I mean whoever made these channels in the first place had to access the image somehow.
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    You are talking about the Channel installed on your console to launch USBLoaderGX, or the way USBLoaderGX interface looks like while inside the application?

    The Channel used to launch the application is composed of 3 different things :
    - a small banner animation (the one you see on your System menu when the channel is not selected)
    - a big banner animation (the one you see in full screen with "back" and "start" button)
    - a simple picture ("USB LoaderGX" splash screen on a black screen) when you select Start, it's the "loading screen" you see until the read Application is launched from your SD card.

    To modify the animated banners you will have to create new banner animation and replace them in the WAD file you used to install the channel.
    To modify the splash screen you'll have to recompile the boot.dol of the forwarder channel and replace it inside the wad too.

    Source of the forwarder :
    the used picture are in /sources/images/

    The application itself can be themed, and you don't need to modify the dol at all.
    there are a lot of themes available on this site :

    with themes you can replace the default images, sound and element positions like you want.

    To use a theme, you extract the downloaded theme file into apps/usbloader_gx/themes/ folder

    You need this in the themes folder :


    example :
    apps/usbloader_gx/themes/school/ all the theme's png picture here

    in USBLoaderGX you go into settings > theme menu > select the theme you want to load. it will list all the ".them" files found in the themes folder.
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