Changing the same value with CEMU memory searcher and Cheat Engine 6.6

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  1. artik1024

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Hi! After writing a guide for 21:9 games, I would like to script it to make easier for each game to load the right value. To script it, I need to find the same result value from CEMU memory searcher, to Cheat Engine. Then i'll script it.

    But this is my issue ;)

    I find the value I need with CEMU (4th from the top: 0x33d4953c) :[​IMG]


    But with search engine, I can't find the same "address" when I search the float value :


    Anyone know how to match the same value with Search Engine ? I tried to change all 1.7777777 value I found, but does nothing.

    help is welcome!
  2. toto621

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    Jan 19, 2015
    Try to activate "MEM_MAPPED" option, it's recommended for emulators. Also note that CEMU probably work in a (kinda) similar way to dolphin and thus, have same problems :
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