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    Oct 19, 2011
    Hi since installing dx2 pack have had some games freezeing during loading but mostly during gameplay have tried messing with ios but no luck so ive decided to download the opposite version to the ones i had installed ie changing from pal to ntsc and visa versa which for some reason has worked and these games do not freeze for interest the games were just dance 2,driver san francisco,and mario sports mix ,mario party 8 all of these started freezing after dx2 update and know ammont of messing with ios and 002 fix and the rest of the functions on Usb loader gx would change that but now have to start from begining of the game as save data is for other region can i change the save data file so that it works with the game as well or do i have to start afresh or can i change the save data name to correrpond with new region game.

    Thanks know this is long winded so thanks for reading
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    it looks like your saves got corrupted somehow, I have never known of an app that allows you to change their region, but try to use the search function on these forums as to find information to where these files store the region part and maybe you just need to use any hex editor to change them, still you need to do some research to do what you want..!!
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