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    This guide will help to change the language of the US version of the game into Spanish.

    What is needed?
    • The wonderful 101 EUR
    • The wonderful 101 USA update
    • Cpk tools
    • Sdcafiine
    • Mocha SD
    • Homebrew launcher

    1) Decrypt the wonderful 101 EUR game and USA update
    2) make a folder and copy CriToolpack.exe
    3) Open CriToolpack.exe and once inside open the file that is in content / data000.cpk
    4) Select and extract the files from UI
    5) We enter the folder and look for the files that end in _es (they are 41) and copy them to another folder that is called UI
    6) Now rename these files by changing _es to _us
    7) Now we extract the content / data002.cpk (Update file) file and put the extracted files out of the ui folder
    8) Now we must have a folder with only 3 folders:

    / St4 (with r400.dat)
    / St5 (with r500.dat)
    / Ui (41 renamed files from _es to _us)​

    9) Now we open CPKTools.exe and in the section build cpk
    In data path select the folder containing the previous files
    Data align: 2048
    Coding: utf-8
    Mode: filename
    Dir. Mask: do not select
    Forcecompres: do not select
    Choose where to save, remember to call the file data002.cpk
    And press build​

    10) Now let's save the new data002.cpk in SD: \ sdcafiine \ 000500001012dc00 \ content
    And copy homebrew_launcher, mocha_sd_access and SDcafiine to the SD application folder SD: \ wiiu \ apps

    11) Now we put the SD in the console and open the homebrew launcher
    We open the mocha sd access application (if we have installed cbhc remember to use sistem.xml) then we load sdcafiine and ready we can open our game in Spanish
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