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    Does anyone know how to completely remove a CFW? I'm trying to sell my Wii, and I'm selling it with OFW. Currently to even boot it up I need my external HDD. I just want to completely remove my CFW, so I can use my external HDD for other things if you catch my drift ^_^
    all jokes aside it's not my external hdd and I need to give it back lmfao
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    May 13, 2016
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    Nobody calls it "CFW" lol

    Reinstall clean copies of any modified IOS
    With a title deleter, uninstall any IOS with a number equal or higher than 81, and any non-stock channel - except the HBC (if you know what you're doing you can remove ALL IOSes EXCEPT the one used by the Wii Menu and the one used by the HBC, and the MIOS)
    Uninstall Priiloader if you use it
    Run the Hackmii installer and remove BootMii from boot2 if you use it, and the HBC
    Update your console to get back all those pesky stubs :D
    Factory reset

    In practice, if you just want to stay within the letter of the rules of eBay, want to not have a stupid buyer complain, and the console was modded according to best (or decent) practices, you can just remove Priiloader/BootMii with their installers then do a factory reset, which will remove all mods which actually have some functional effect (CIOS is useless if no app tries to load it)

    If on the other hand you wanted the academic exercise of removing every single trace, even those that Nintendo may not have looked for in warranty claims... good luck manually deleting custom channels from title.db, ticket.db and uid.sys without screwing up :) I don't think the format is even really documented!
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    Don't bother removing cIOS, just remove:

    - Priiloader
    - Any homebrew WADs installed
    - Run Bootmii to remove bootmii and homebrew channel

    Don't bother removing pirated WADs, there's literally next to 0 chance someone will bother investigating if they're real.

    Facctory reset.

    Congrats on restoring (more like hiding) your Wii's virginity.


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    If you have an earlier NAND backup you could use that.

    You did make one, right? EVERY guide tells you to make one. If you restore that one before you installed a bunch of extras to it, it could help you out.