1. dinoborf

    OP dinoborf Newbie

    Jan 26, 2016
    United States
    Japanese N3DS with 9.1-20J (both emunand and sysnand). I'm using menuhax and rxTools 2.6 w/ pasta CFW.

    If I install a CIA which is < 2GB like Paper Jam (1GB), everything works great.
    If I install a CIA which is > 2GB like Bravely Default (3.3GB) or Xenoblade (3.7GB), the icon never shows up in my emunand (but FBI confirms the CIA is installed).

    I tried this with reiNand and see the same behavior. However, if I boot into gateway mode (via menuhax and the GW 3dsx), these CIAs show up just fine (and are playable).

    I'd rather not have to carry around my Gateway card if I can help it. Is this a known limitation of rxTools/reiNand (I haven't tried cakes)?
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