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    Hey everyone,

    I have a Wii that is soft and hard modded I've currently been playing my backups via my old external hard drive which has been working flawlessly, but today I decided to try a gc backup but it didn't work :-( it goes to a black screen then back to Wii desktop :-(.

    What am I missing? I've checked the forums and I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything correct but I am not using dios Mios, mostly due to it's incompatibility with some games plus I still use my original discs and don't like it taking over.

    Any help would be great

    Many thanks

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    Here's your problem. You NEED dios mios in order to play GC backups or retail discs. It doesn't matter which loader you use, they will ALL show a "DIOS MIOS" boot screen before it launches the game. Your hdd also needs to be plugged in while launching the game.
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    Try this tutorial. I just got mine working today with this. Um, instead of formatting my hdd with command prompts like this guy shows, i used easeus. The main thing i was missing was to have an active partition for gc games formatted to fat32 with 32kb clusters, it must be active, label the folder where the iso's go games, and rename the iso game, but have seperate folders for each game. Like luigis mansion.iso becomes game.iso This is a great tutorial.

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