Cave Story: Three DLC "features" revealed.

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    On September fourth a post on the Nicalis blog was made giving some information about the game Cave Story WiiWare and its downloadable content features.
    Cave Story being available for PC for free.

    Obvious mock up.​

    Armored mode being a new addition will give enemies more HP. No report of anything more than that however.

    While the other two are clearly already apart of the game.

    3HP mode is already achieved in the original game by not collecting HP upgrades.

    Time Attack in "you know where" is already possible by collecting a specific item already in the game.

    The only way this DLC(Downloadable Content) can be done is by either changing and removing the items to force the player to buy said DLC thus breaking their promise to keep the game faith full to the original, or by simply selling it as a fake feature that is already obtainable through normal means.

    I myself find this to be bad practice and very dishonest.
    Also possibly misleading for consumers.

    No word on how these DLC features will be implemented for sure or what changes they will create gameplay wise.

  2. jesterscourt

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    Why is this seemingly a super long porting process?
  3. shadow1w2

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    I've heard its due to Nintendo's odd process and rather strict rules with things.
    They have to send Nintendo a demo before they'll accept it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the DLC was so lame only because they force such limits.
    Though I don't think a dev should cave in like that.

    They say its been a lot of work and they do have other projects going at the same time.
    The reasoning could range from shear lazyness to actual development problems. Or maybe just Nintendo being pushy.

    Also the fact they are making visual and audio upgrades took them longer than they expected, but from what I can tell with this DLC thing is they may be delaying it to make changes and strip things for nickel and dimeing the consumer by selling it back in pieces.
    I dunno, its too early to say for sure, but I have my hopes pretty low right now.

    We'll see whats up when its released this October, which may be likely.
    That post I linked to mentioned they were on the finalization stages and just waiting for Nintendo's approval.
  4. pieman202

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    i guess if the guy who made it gets a nice share of the profits then it's worth it.
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    i seriously agree tht this is taking long but will it be as good or the wii will give probs