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    I messed up somewere, not sure how or were. So I got both emulators the first one shows the list of all my games but there all highlighted in red and cannnot be played, the second emulator wont even show the games, it does how ever give me the option to find the roms, when I find and click the rom folder it shows NOTHING...

    argh! what do I do??

    also m using a phat psp 1000 on 5.50 gen-d3 and for the play system 1 the files are in a .rar when I checked inside it all I could see where a tonne of files with the extension .rom

    And for the play system 2 there in a .rar folder when I checked the rar there was a file with the same name as the rom and inside the file extension is .cp2

    I got all my roms in a pack if that helps at all o.0
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    most emulators cant open rar files,
    extract the roms into the rom folder & try again.
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    Don't extract, they should be in .zip files, that's how the emulators read them. The txt. file in the folder should say what the game files should be called and what files you need. Some CSP2 games need multiple versions (always download the mb size files not the kb). Individuals just put up the (E) or (J) of the Roms and not the core of the rom that you need. has what you need, search there.

    CPS-1/2 are legal now to download as they are VERY OLD, per the policy, besides SFA3 and a few others.

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    Wut? Source or Copyright is still retained by the original owner. As far as i've heard CPS1 and 2 are not PD.
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    They're not public domain in the least bit. Misinformed or wanting to convince oneself they're not jacking old games. [​IMG]