Cant Play online on different regions.

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    Jan 18, 2016
    Ok ill tell you my story, i have a crush with Monster Hunter series because of a good friend who had the patience to teached me and show me how good this game is. When she teached me she did in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP), we had no issues.

    So last november i bought Monster hunter 4 ultimate and i managed my girlfriend, my brother and one of my best friends to buy it and after 150 hours i just want to play with her since she was my mentor on this game.

    Now the issue is, She has a N3ds Japanese, and the game itself if online region locked:


    - Japan only can play online with Japanese consoles.

    - Europe and USA can play with European and USA consoles.

    So i managed to help her to install homebrew launcher because of the free region thing.

    She bought the game and now she cant access to online because the game always ask her to "accept terms and conditions"

    I know this issue is because she cant "accept the terms and conditions" of EU/NA eshops, so i was thinking many days and one solution that came to my mind and the whole reason of this topic is:

    Is it possible to setup a DNS that points to the Japanese eshop instead of the EU/NA which she cant "accept the terms and conditions" ?