Can't launch Luma3DS with b9s

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  1. Gladuin

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    Nov 27, 2017

    I was hacking my little brothers O3DS today and I am completely stuck...

    This is step by step what I have done

    1. Installed the patched DSiWare (AfterZoom)
    2. Started the DSiWare and got a green screen
    3. Placed the payloads on the SD card
    4. Started my DSiWare again to install b9s
    5. Realised I still was on 11.7
    6. Updated to 11.8
    7. Again tried to install b9s, Successful.
    8. Booted the 3DS while holding `select`, I booted straight into the home menu
    9. I did all of the steps Section IV of the Seedminer guide states to fix this problem
    This still didn't fix it. Then I did this

    1. Restored my b9s backup to stock firmware
    2. Removed my patched DSiWare
    3. Ran
    4. Completely repatched my DSiWare
    5. Reinstalled my patched DSiWare
    6. Started the DSiWare and got a green screen
    7. Tried to install b9s, Successful
    8. Tried to boot luma, Unsuccessful
    I really dont know what to do anymore, Please help...

    Thank you so much in advance.