Can't launch GW mode on 4.5 3DS??

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    So I was using my 4.5 downgraded 3DS to play DS games. To DL a game I had to switch out it's memory card awhile ago. I'm sure I backed it up but I can't find it. I don't care about NAND or anything saved I just want to launch it in GW mode. What can I do to use it again? I don't care if I hafta format/delete/lose anything...
  2. Typhin

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    Could you please give a little more information about your situation? Specifically, when you "switched out its memory card", which memory card are you referring to? (Did you switch the system's SD card for a different one?) When you backed it up, did you back up both emuNand as well as the SD card contents?

    At a minimum, you should be able to put the Launcher.dat onto the root of the new SD card to be able to launch Gateway Mode again, but more information might allow us to find a better solution that would let you keep more stuff.
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    Jan 8, 2015
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    I think he is talking that the Profile DS exploit are gone, you need to install again to load gw