Can't get cheats to work.

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    I downloaded some codes to use in PPSSPP, but when i tried them, they didn't work. I dunno why. I wasn't sure as I followed the instructions before, but i was curious. So I copied the cheats to my psp, and loaded them using TEMPAR, but they don't work either. I Dunno why, but i know that both PPSSPP and TEMPAR use the CWCHEAT format for codes except it didn't work on both. I dunno if the codes are false or maybe just incompatible, or needs edits and fixes to make them work. How would i know such things anyway. Only one code out of all of them actually worked though.

    Does anyone know a reliable source to obtain cheats for TEMPAR, or can at least help me fix my problem?
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    Another "psychic required" topic?

    As at least one cheat working, you activated plugin at least.
    First thing first, many game required "mastercode". It's should be activated all the time for other cheats to work. Most of the time it's very first cheat you can find on sites like Neoseekers.
    Second, EU, JP and NA releases cheats is not compatible so don't even try it.
    I not sure that using big database of somebody else is a good idea (at least for two reasons) so better try to do your own.
    You can open cheat.db and cheatpops.db (for games from ps1) with notepad (or much better, notepad++) and copy cheats in needed format.
    _S NPJH-50681
    _G Gundam G Generation Overworld [JP]
    _C0 everyone use master skill ON
    _L 0x2017A550 0x00000000
    _L 0x20234240 0x00000000
    _L 0x20048C7C 0x2404001F 
    _S <code of the game release so cwcheat or his childrens can find which cheat to use.
    _G <name of the game. This is not really important part and you can write it whatever you want so long as you don't use special symbols.
    _C0 <Name of code. As above, it's only for your conveniences so it's not very important how you call them as long as you understand meaning. But keep it short. Start every new code with this>
    _L <line of the code. Code may have single of multiple lines. And all this zeroes is actually important.>

    You don't need to "close" codes, you must write it on different lines and when plugin see _S or end of file he know that base for this game has been ended.