Can the AK2i play every DS game?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by kerobaros, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. kerobaros

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    I'm getting back into my DS Lite, as soon as I repair my top screen. I haven't used my Acekard in a year or two. I know that AKAIO hasn't been updated for a bit, but have any games come out for the DS since then that AKAIO can't handle, or is it smooth sailing all the way through the end of the published titles?
  2. Yugimumoto1

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    i know that pokemon black 2 and white 2 work and those were really late in the DS's lifetime. I would suppose so but if a game doesn't work i'd love to know.
  3. Plstic

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    I'm sure some don't work but they are probably mostly shovelware.
  4. RevPokemon

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    As long as it can play the last games on the console then of should be able to play most except for say some homebrew or unofficial games.
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    I own an AK2i myself, and I have never encountered a single problem with any game. My game database currently has approximately 196 games, which may not seem like much, but there is quite a bit of ignored games out there, so chances are the games you download could be some of those 196.

    The only time I have ever encountered a single error is when I tried modifying the ROM with a program on my computer or combining Cheat codes to where it would corrupt, delete, or hinder with the game's files, etc.

    So basically unless it is a homebrew (fan-made, not official) game, I'm pretty sure it can play 95% or more of all DS games.
    Just remember that AK2i can not run on an updated 3DS or updated DSi, XL's don't change anything either.
  6. Another World

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    hombrew should be near 100%, i made sure of that. pretty sure norm hated me back then, always bugging him with homebrew testing. =P

    at one point we went through every released rom and tested them 1 at a time. rom compatibility should be extremely high. you'll find that even roms like the ds download station compiled demos (gauntlet) work under akaio.

    -another world
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    Never encountered an issue with any games including the previously mentioned Black & White 2.