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    Nov 27, 2008
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    hi everyone, i've been looking @ many places to find some answers to my questions but till now..
    this seems to be the perfect place to get clear once and for all so if you can answer me this question i'd be really appreciated. [​IMG]

    1 - can a non updatable modchip like d2ckey be detected by any update since it's "vitually" undetectable?
    2 - i'm not using any homebrew, just running a modchip, is it safe to update?
    3 - can an update brick my wii for using a modchip? (only run games from my region)
    4 - does the 3.4 update do anything to modchips?

    thanks in advance. [​IMG]
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    Feb 6, 2007
    At this moment - also with firmware 3.4, modchips seem to be pretty stealthy. Mario Galaxy came with a new kind of protection, the #001 error, but new modchip firmware-updates already took care of that. A newer kind of protection can always show up, but I'm sure hackers will deal with that too.
    A firmware update will probably not brick your wii. But Nintendo's end user license agreement does state that they may block your from services as long as the unauthorized modificationn is still there.