can action replay work as a flashcart?

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    so my apologies if tis been covered before, i cant seem to find anything about it. i rencently required a first generation DS..i read up and have a little bit of working knowledge of how the whole flash cart thing works, a coworker of mine has one in his and has nes, snes, scummv emulator, etc...but is there a way on an oldschool ds with an action replay to play media and play backups of new and existing ds games? i may wind up gettign a card because AR is kind of bulky but its worth it to me to be able to go buy it tomorrow as opposed to wait around after ordering a card..any help is appreciated.
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    Did you know flascards has a FIRMWARE and this firmware can run a game with ACTION REPLAY CODES?
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    Flashcards support cheats with no need for a AR

    pretty much all flashcards support this

    there are many that utilize this feature well

    among which are the Ak2, CycloDS, and Super Card DSTwo
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    He's asking if you can run homebrew and ROMS from a Action Replay. Short answer: No.
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    AR Media Edition can load homebrew. No AR can load ROMs. AFAIK, all AR can act as a NoPass for other devices, but that is useless unless you have a slot 2 flash cart already.