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    Jun 8, 2011
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    Hello, my name is Eric and I am starting a webshow called OtakuMon. On the show, a few of my friends and I are going to review anime, manga, and videogames. We will also be filming at various anime conventions and gaming events. Although I am extremely excited about starting the show, I have found that some of the people I am currently working with are either lazy or unreliable. I need new people interested in seriously helping out. I need people with one or more of the following traits:

    Video Editors: Someone good with special effects, sound, or even someone in possesion of good software (with knowledge on how to use it). If you ave good filming equipment, you are also welcome.

    Otaku: At least once a week, we will meet at my house (located in Detroit), or someone else's house, and watch new and old anime for various hours at a time. For this job, you must have a ride to and from where ever the meeting will be held. I say this because we will be filming a review video for every series we complete. You must be comfortable with being on camera.

    Gamers: If you are on top of gaming news and are constantly downloading or purchasing the newest and hottest games, this job is for you. The job is simple. You record footage of games, and send the videos to our editors. You must have a capture card or access to one to apply for this job.

    Techs: With OtakuMon, we do alot of downloading (trailers and such). The best way to get alot of views on Youtube, is to get videos up quick and as soon as possible. So if you're a computer nerd (which is respected ([​IMG] contact us! we desperately need you.

    If this show is well done, we could earn a Youtube contract and make quite a bit of money. So if you're a nerd and you like money, contact us at [email protected]

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