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    The more recently-released games (like ACNH) use BARS files as containers for their sound effects that are encoded in BWAV format. The larger sound files are usually in BWAV formats already and can be read or converted with tools like vgmstream, but I couldn't find any tools to extract BWAV files from these BARS files, so I made one myself.

    The code is written in C++, should be cross-platform, although I only tested it on Ubuntu. I built executables for Linux, which is available in my github repo at github/jackz314/bars-to-bwav (I'm new so I can't post any links yet) and in the attachment.

    For more details about the code see the github repo, but basically, run it like this: bars-to-bwav <bars file or folder containing bars files> [bwav output folder]

    Any feedback is appreciated. Initially, I wanted to use Python, which should be easier, but I wanted to practice my C++, so here we are.

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