Hacking Bruteforce save data some saves works some do not?


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Sep 7, 2016
I recently made a backup of all my saves because i wanted to format the HDD. Funny thing that maybe if i made this from XMB it would be less painful to restore the saves?

I made a backup using FTP
Extracted my new ID and MY consoleID
Rehashed the whole thing in Bruteforce
FTPed back to ps3
No saves show up on XMB
Tried playing some games
Some saves i can restore if they are on games that i manually created saves on PS3
60% of the saves shows as either corrupted in XMB/USB/COPY or either do not work in game (says is corrupted)

Could someone explain this thing to me? On the xbox we could rehash and resign the whole deal and DONE. I wonder why ps3 can't be the same? One one way are this related to PSN? I had PSN acc linked to the ps3 that i used to upload edited borderlands and diablo saves, maybe i need to resign with that psn? I dunno. Can someone offer me guidance?

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