Broken touch screen ribbon cable

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    So I was trying to replace my DS Lite shell using the guide here, and I accidentally tore the ribbon cable that connects the touch screen.. however when it broke it left a small piece of the cable still attached, which I can't seem to get out..


    If you can see in the picture, the black part that attaches to the cable still has a broken piece attached. Is there a way to easily remove this and replace the touch screen? And can I use the same LCD and just replace the touch screen? The adhesives that keep them together seem difficult to pull off. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I have a replacement screen I can sell.
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    The answer is yes - you can just replace the touch screen (by using something like, although you will need to maintain the (usually?) black adhesive layer between the thick plastic of the touch screen and actual LCD screen if you want to replace it (Or at least bits of it to hold the two together). Also you need to remove the plastic border from the touch screen if you want to transfer that over as well. There are full modules (both touchscreen and LCD) that you can buy although I haven't done this myself and don't know where to look.

    The black area on that connector there is a lock for the actual cable in the connector. By very lightly pushing it up (from the back of the connector) it will flip up like a switch and you should be able to easily remove the cable piece from it (with tweezers).
  4. Kittymat

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    Yes the connector opens by lifting the back, take a knife and lift the black tag upwards (from the side furthest away from the edge of the circuit board), replacements are very cheap - buy 2 as you can get one fail.