Bricked card?

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    Jul 30, 2008
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    Well, I just bought a new firelink card off DX to replace the one I had ages ago [which got lost]. When I received the card, it wasn't as securely packaged as the first I received so long ago, but the card worked as it was supposed to. I updated to 2.55, changed the skin, copied a few files over (all .nds only).. but after about the ~15th file Windows said that the file path was incorrect or corrupted. All the files I copied over had been scanned to check for any malware and they all worked in no$gba, so I have no idea what made this happen. Also, all the files that were copied over already were still sitting in the folder. I looked under My Computer and the card was no longer listed, restarted my DS (which also closed the folder) and the card can't be detected anymore. My DS will detect all other cards normally, so it's not the slot itself.

    I'm presuming that because the card can't be read by either the DS or my computer that there's nothing I can do but exchange it? Anyone care to confirm that for me? Or is there a way I can force access to the card on my DS and format it that way? (I tried holding down the buttons listed in the FAQs, it does nothing).
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    do the snes trick(blow and reinsert until its detected). If when you start it and all you get is a white screen, its bricked. If you have any friends with slot 1 cards you could wait a little longer on the debricker or just get it replaced.