Brawl+ ISO w/Cfg Loader

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    Aug 18, 2011
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    So I used WiiScrubber and Partition Builder to create a Brawl+ ISO. But when I run it in Cfg Loader, I end up with a, 'Please insert the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Game Disc,' message. Any ideas on this?

    Steps I took:
    Cfg Loader: Backed up Super Smash Bros. Brawl via Wii to a 500gb Fat32 WD HD.
    Backup Game Manager: Converted .wbf1/.wbfs to iso.
    WiiScrubber: Extracted DATA Partition from iso.
    Explorer: Cpy/pst'd Brawl+ files into partition files w/override.
    Partition Builder: Built a new partition with the files.
    WiiScrubber: Replaced the DATA Partition with my edited one.
    Backup Game Manager: Converted to .wbfs w/4gb split.
    Wii ISO Title Rename: Renamed ISO to Super Smash Bros. Brawl+ and GameID to PPTE01 (or something like that.)
    Explorer: Placed a couple images to use for covers on 2gb SD and appropriate title.txt with game on HD.

    I've tried the following:
    Forcing Video to NTSC.
    Setting Video Patch to All.
    A combination of above.
    Setting Video to Game Default.
    Running on IOS 222-mload.