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    Some days back, I installed Bootmii as boot2 to back up my stuff before I transferred my Wii data to the Wii U (quick thought: I think this backup-then-transfer trick should be more well known to Wii U owners). Anyway, I'm thinking of hacking some of my friends' Wiis, but according to my research, Bootmii can only be installed as an iOS on Wiis released after some time in 2008, and their Wiis are at least from 2010.

    So in other words:

    -If they have Bootmii as boot2, then they just need to have the Bootmii folder on the SD Card?

    -If they have Bootmii as iOS, then they need to use Priiloader to get into the Priiloader menu or the HBC and then get into Bootmii from there? In this case, will Bootmii (both backing-up and restoring) work just fine?

    And about my own Wii/boot2: So, once Bootmii is installed onto the Wii, the system will basically check for the Bootmii files on my SD Card anytime it turns on, and will open Bootmii if it is there?

    Thanks for the help. Just to clarify:

    -Bootmii as Boot2 just needs the correct Bootmii folders on SD Card at system startup?
    -Bootmii as iOS just needs to be launched with Priiloader/HBC on those newer systems, but still works just fine once it is booted?
    --Is Bootmii as iOS (using Priiloader) still effective brick protection?
    -Bootmii, now that it's installed as boot2 on my Wii, basically checks SD Card for files as soon as it boots up right?