Bob's Game: A Game by One Person

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    Bob's Game: A Game by One Person
    The Largest homebrew game runs into a problem!
    Robert Pelloni can be credited for creating the largest homebrew game ever by a single person. This man has dedicated the last 5 years of his life solely to making his dream game. He has spent over 15,000 hours on it's creation and design.

    It's a quality 20 hour long Adventure game entitled "Bob's Game". It is set in modern times and centers around the main character "Yuu".

    But now, after all this work he just wants to finally be able to get an official Nitro SDK and have his game published. But there's one problem, Nintendo is refusing to give him one!

    He sent in his application to the WarioWorld division and he said he would receive a acceptance or denial email in 6-8 weeks. As of writing it has now been 18 weeks and still no response. They have said they are still deciding because "it blurs the line between homebrew and commercial". Never before has a homebrew game of this size ever been created by one person AND ask for permission to have a kit to release it. This is truly an industry first. Nintendo doesn't know what to do, and Robert is getting desperate.

    On his website he has started a 100 Day Tensai Sitdown Protest to Nintendo to prove that he's serious. So, will Rob's 5 years of work pay off? Or will he be forced to release his lifes work for free with no recognition just because Nintendo refuses to listen?

    For more info and a look at Bob's Game, check out the Trailer and Website below!

    Bob's Game Official Site
    Bob's Game Official Trailer

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