Blocking updates using only Router blocking

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Hello there!

    So My friends Wii U and his ISP and their routers are known in Sweden to cause some problems with online play. The ISP supports answer to that is to bridge their routern to another.

    Anyhow, by using the Google DNS allows him to play online. Unfortuneatly the DNS to block updates blocks his posibility to play online.

    Since he does not have the posibility to buy a new router. I'm wondering if it would be possible(and enough?) to just block the Nintendo updates server IPs and urls. And if so is there any list of which urls need to be blocked?

    Thank You for your responsen.
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    there are three different methods if you can't use DNS :

    1. delete the "update" folder on the WiiU
    2. use a proxy (require a computer/device powered when playing online)
    3. use router's filtering option, if available in your router.

    each routers are different, and we can't tell you what to do with yours.
    But you can do the
    2 (tutorial is old, it mentions 5.3.2, but don't worry about that)

    3, if you know your router can block IP or addresses, then you can read CCProxy tutorial to get the URL you need to block.

    Of course, always check it's blocking correctly before using the console for everyday use. (trigger an update, see if it fails, shutdown if not, etc.)

    the easiest is currently option 1 (deleting the update folder), and it doesn't block eshop or online play at all.
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    I think the two easy method are DNS and URL blocking, URL blocking is really good but only if your router allow it and I think is the best because the router do all the job, you are not depending on DNS services which can fail without notice.

    Here you will find the DNS that block updates and the URL that you can block on your router.
  4. Litle_Bird

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Thanks for the answers. After some trial and error I went ahead of @Cyan's recomendation and deleted the update folder, I felt that this was the most fool proof solution for my friend. However I tried with my own router to block the urls mentioned in flimflams guide, however these had no effect since the Wii U began downloading the update. (& yes I'm sure that the router url blocking was configured properly) So I'm assuming that URL list is incomplete. I wish to thank you for your recomendations.
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    the list should be:;*;*;*;*;*;*

    that's what I have in cc proxy, and it's always blocked updates. my router doesn't allow more than two or three url's, so I have to use cc proxy. the last url may not be needed as I grabbed the link from cc proxy - I saw that the wii u trying to contact that address. the only downside is cc proxy doesn't allow nnu patcher which I found out yesterday through some trial and error.
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    I only have the 5 nus.* URLs and blocked ( doesn't actually exist so that one isn't needed), cbvc is only used for 3DS though and it's mostly useless now that we have soundhax.
    They're enough to block updates on both 3DS and Wii U in my case while leaving eShop and online play and everything else fully functional.
    I think your issue may be that they're accessed by HTTPS, and some routers don't block that.
    Actually my router claims "Https webpages cannot be filtered.", but it still works, so IDK.
    I guess maybe my router also nullroutes DNS requests to those addresses, but of course that would only work if my Wii U/3DS are set to auto-obtain DNS (which they are), it doesn't mention anything about that though.
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