Bliight Instal TUT Needed.

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    so i want linux on my wii. i need the most noob friendly tut to get this thing up and running. i cant work linux for shit so i need descriptive info lol thanks [​IMG]
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    QUOTE(Ozz465 @ Dec 10 2008, 11:08 PM) *
    how do u install this with xp?

    It's hard to install it with xp... this is about the best way I learned to install this on Ubuntu disto (LIVE CD as well).

    I actually wrote this for installing the xwhiite but it's basically the same setup just a different distro... like tg7 was saying previously..

    I will try and make it clear as I possible can.. you have to understand that I just learned this myself a few days ago but I succeeded with 3 different linux systems on seperate sd cards.. just to have fun about with.

    Ok here goes...

    ***I do NOT take any responsibility if you brick your Wii...***

    Part One - Preparation of the SD card.

    1) Get you an Ubuntu Live CD from somewhere. (Google is your friend)

    2) Run the Ubuntu Live CD.

    3) Once you are at the desktop, stick the SD card (1 or 2gb) in the card reader.

    4) Right click on the device icon to unmount it.

    5) Go to the top tool bar and go to Administrator. And select Partition Disk or GParted, whatever it says.

    6) Now it will scan your devices... Now find the SD card device (Look to the right and hit the drop down menu)

    7) Select the SD card. (It should be the one that has close to 1gb or 2gb depending on which you are using)

    8) Format the SD card (Be prepared to divide what sizes you want each partition..suggestion divided it)

    9) Partition first directory as a FAT16. (You don't have to label it) Apply changes.

    10) Now it will scan the devices again after applying changes.

    11) Make another partition Ext3 and apply changes when done exit the window.

    12) It's a good chance you will now see 2 devices showing on the desktop divided around the sizes you selected.

    13) Go to each and right-click on them to unmount them.

    Part Two

    1) Use the included Firefox browser on Ubuntu and go to dowload the x######.tar.bz2 *distro to your desktop.

    2) After the download is finished return to the desktop and go to the top tool bar and choose Applications/Terminal.

    3) Type (no quotes) "gksudo nautilus"

    4) Now this will give you a special window to work about.

    5) Click and drag the x######.tar.bz2 to the window that the command gksudo nautilus made.

    6) Double click on it and it should load the archive manager.

    7) Now double click on it and it should show a bunch of folders containing the modified x##### distro

    8) Now extract it to the ext3 partition directory you made on your SD card...this should take a few minutes.

    9) After that you will need to copy the regular homebrew setup to your fat16 directory.

    10) In the apps directory you will need the latest Linux distro.dol/elf file. (There's one available on Wiibrew with the dol and extras.)

    11) I know it says to name the partitions boot and x####, I didn't and it worked perfect anyways.

    12) Now after all that is done you should be able to pull your SD card out the PC card reader and insert it in your Wii SD card slot.

    * Note * if you are having errors with may be that your sd card partitions are not unmounted.

    Part Three - Fun Time!

    1) Go to the homebrew channel and load the WiiLinux Distro app. You will see alot of text scroll and some processes going on. The screen will turn green then you will start to see some graphics displaying...the screen will turn into a desktop and you will be able to use your WiiMote or the usb keyboard/mouse to operate.

    2) Use the WiiMote or Mouse and right-click to view drop down menu) and choose the whatever apps, etc.

    If you are still having trouble either look up some basics on Linux terminal commands or ask more advance Linux user for some hints. And if all else fails ask me and I may be able to get you headed in a better direction..

    Hopefully the end results is we all learn something new and helpful and we continue to work as a team to grab at something most don't even have a clue about!


    Hope this helps someone..


    Keyboard and Mouse Capability - I am using a typical Belkin mouse/keyboard usb adapter for normal keyboards and mice. So you may want to go that route for best results.

    USB hubs - From even what nintendo says, any generic hub is pretty much compatible.

    Flashdrives - My SanDisk and Lexars work fantastic.

    I have not tested anything else on this project as far as mass storage and usb wifi.

    Please SHARE if you have used something else!
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    OMG YOU ARE MY HERO> you couldnt have been more helpful!! [​IMG] thx
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    Thanks IronMask! I was planning on doing this too [​IMG]
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    Did you get my PM Mrk?