1. Segger

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    Apr 3, 2017
    United States
    I have what I'm pretty sure is a Trinity 360 slim (10.83A with MFR: 2011-06-09) with dashboard version 16767 (Not sure if that's too high)

    According to the sticky I want to do an RGH2, but I also see mentions of "S-RGH" for slims being more reliable and the sticky mentions "RGX" but is incomplete

    I'm skilled at soldering so I'm wondering where the best place is to get modchip/programmer for my 360 Slim.

    Just looking for some direction to where I can get the modchip(s) I need for the system I have or where I can find more info since the How To Hack Your 360 thread seems maybe outdated or just still a work-in-progress
  2. DinohScene

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Best place to get it... no clue tbf. I'm not going to keep track of hundreds of retailers world wide, sorry mate.

    Chipwise, get a Ace v3 or v4.
    They're quite cheap and perform really well.

    @brickmii82 might have some pointers on S-RGH.
    The 360 roadmap is slowly being updated, for now it serves a better purpose as a general guideline to 360 then a actual tutorial.
  3. brickmii82

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    Feb 21, 2015
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    We’re rebuilding the entire guide into a roadmap that includes hyperlinks to individual hacking methods.

    As far as SRGH, if you wanna do it you’ll need an Ace V3 chip. It’s got great boot times but needs tuning (program the chip multiple times and find the best timing file) to get peak performance. A coolrunner Rev C will work and is likely the easiest install on that Trinity, and you can also use a Matrix V1 with Muffin timing files. The matrix is super cheap but boot times are a bit longer typically.

    Your best bet for supplies is eBay right now. Choose US only for your search parameters, and get what you can. You may be able to get stuff from Europe but China is closed down, and that’s where most of this stuff is made.

    Get a chip and I’d recommend a JR Programmer V2 for the nand work and programming the chip. Matrix has a cheap programmer as well but I’ve never used it as I have several Nandx and JR programmers. AFAIK it(Matrix Programmer)just needs some modifications and firmware to program chips.
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