Big Issues with my Wii!

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by OSW, Apr 4, 2009.

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    EDIT: I reinstalled cios rev8 and all is working fine again 0_0
    EDIT2: Reinstalled rev9 and everythings working perfect now 0_0

    Pretty funny that i thought I knew my stuff, but I now have a problem with my Wii that I haven't heard of before.

    My configuration is 3.2E, running under preloader .28, cIOS30 rev8 installed, and IOSreload (preloader hack) set to IOS249.
    This has been working fine for me for quite a while (months?) and it allows backup launching from disk channel.

    Recently I installed cIOS rev9 (previously was rev8), and my own channel of the USB backup loader (with a fuzzy banner due the the brylt/wadstudio problem i haven't bothered to fix yet. I don't know if this could casue any problem.)

    I thought all was going great with my system, and the USB loader was awesome, however once I played some games a bit longer with the backup loader (more than a few minutes, because initially i just booted a game for a minute to test the loader worked) games started having BIG issues.

    What was happening was with that all my games on my USB HDD were freezing shortly into the game, or during certain points.
    Precisely, the wiimote was suddenly turning itself off and not resyncing, or malfunctioning/rumbling like crazy, until soon after the game would freeze.

    At first I thought it might be wiimote issue but I tested our other wiimote and it was no different. So I came to the conclusion that is must be my USB HDD, because it is very old, maybe it is not reliable enough for the USB loader. That wouldn't have been a drama, however I hadn't noticed that the problem was bigger.

    I just came home from work tonight, and my brother told me that the Wii wasn't working. I freaked out thinking it might be a brick, but it wasn't.
    Instead he told me that ALL games he played through the disk channel were having the same issue. Originals, Backups etc. So it wasn't just a backup loader/hdd issue at all.

    So, something must be wrong with my Wii. Any ideas?

    Right now I will go back to confirm his claims. If they are correct I think I will go through these steps continually until things work.

    1. uninstall backup loader channel.
    2. turn preloader IOSreload off
    3. install ciosrev8 again.
    4. uninstall preloader (may aswell just update to system menu 4.0 because I have been planning to.) and install preloader .29

    NOW, i won't change sytem menu yet before i get the lowdown from you guys. That is a last resort if we think that system menu may be corrupt.
    The only other thing I could think of is a problematic bluetooth module.

    EDIT: I reinstalled cios rev8 and all is working fine again 0_0
    EDIT2: Reinstalled rev9 and everythings working perfect now 0_0