Big External HDD Problem.

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    Hey guys,
    As the title suggests I have a problem with my External Hard drive. It is a 1TB WD Element with USB 2.0. It is like 7-8 months old and stopped working now. I recently (like 2 days ago) got back from vacation. I was in Portugal and stored all my videos and pictures onto it. I didn't test it the first day I got back so I don't know if the plain ride screwed it up, but this HDD has many memories more than just those of Porutgal.
    Anyways here is the problem. When I insert the USB into my laptop, the HDD lights up like usually and I hear it spinning. But when I go to my computer it isn't there. I tried it with my wii to play my games and it didn't work. Then tried with my desktop and same problem as my laptop. Someone suggested using a different lead so I found one and same Problem. So is my HDD screwed? or is there a way I can make it work or at least save the memories of all the vacations?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Might be a connection.

    I had an external die, admittedly a dropped the damned thing. But the thing is, travel is 'bumpy'.

    If the data truly is valuable, enough to pay, go to a REAL computer store, ask them to look it over. Remember I said a real store like Canada Computers for instance, not a big box retail chain. If it takes you an 80 dollar an hour fee, you deal with it.
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    I forgot
    Try uninstalling then reinstalling the drivers, this happened to me with an external HDD. If that doesn't work than it is a bad connection. I'd go with what Panzer said and just take it to a computer store.
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    It's either a problem with the connection (HDD to enclosure, enclosure to USB) or a problem with the drive itself. You can test the connection either by getting a new enclosure, or by plugging the HDD directly into a desktop computer (converting it into an internal drive). If that doesn't work, the HDD is most likely screwed.

    This is probably also the kind of test computer shops do - taking the HDD out of its enclosure and connecting it to a computer (or another enclosure, or even a drive dock) in order to see if it can be accessed.