BFBC2 Servers 400% higher demand than expect

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by wiiman123, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Not as much fans would be outraged if DICE and EA put in a better campaign and maybe some single player missions that could require co-op. These days FPS's are just about multiplayer I guess...
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    Yes, you're right. They are.
  4. Minox

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    The big question is, why wouldn't they be?

    It's much more difficult to know what a human is going to do than it is to predict what a bot is going to do. Sometimes they do something that you expected they'd do and sometimes they do something stupid which you never thought of them doing that completely catches you off-guard. But it is exactly this kind of unpredictability that makes online FPSs so fun [​IMG]
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    actually i believe tht have done ALOT but still unexpectedly, they want more and i find tht kinda strange cuz 400% may be too much unless the original counter is high
    eg.) original server capacity 100000, ppl wanting to play = 400000 hence 400% but tht doesnt make it too much
    ofcourse it were something like 100 mil and then 400mil then thats a different QaSaS