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    Jul 26, 2020
    Hi guys, it's my first time here and i'm not so good with hacking, but i would like to know something: is there a way to create a Cheat Code for Resident Evil 4 that swich the button for aim to Z and the button to shot to C?

    I know that exist a way to swap buttons, like this thread say (threads/button-mapping-b-to-z.354324/#post-4768272), and it's really worked for me, the Z button is now the "aim", but the B button (wich is suposed to be the "run" button) don't make you walk fast.
    I think it's because the "run" is a combination of the Z button + the direction of the analogic stick, so, this way, it's a diferent code.

    Anyways, if someone want to help me to make that changes, i'll be etternal grateful:

    Aim button = Z
    Shot button = B
    Run button = C
    Ready knife button = A

    That is my code:

    F6000001 80048100
    2809FFFF 40820008
    D200000C 0000001B
    9421FFB0 BDC10008
    3D808000 48000025
    00010002 00040008
    00100000 00000080
    01000200 08004000
    10000400 20008000
    39C00010 39E00001
    3A000000 3A200000
    7E4802A6 A27F0018
    2C133FDA 41800008
    51E72EB4 A27F0074
    2C133FDA 41800008
    51E73672 7CF37839
    4182000C 7E728A2E
    7E109B78 3A310002
    55EF083C 35CEFFFF
    40A2FFE4 828C1838
    72930060 7E109B78
    72130020 4182000C
    3E6042C8 927F0010
    72130040 4182000C
    3E6042C8 927F0070
    70F30060 7E109B78
    90EC1830 920C1834
    7E878378 B9C10008
    38210050 70E09FFF
    60000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    The part highlighted is the part where I make the modifications

    And if there's some mistakes on the writing, sorry, it's the first time that i write a thread in english.
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