Best flash rom / reader for GBA SP

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    Jan 21, 2007
    Hello All,

    I have been reading up for a few days and am still as confused as I was when I started!

    Basically I am looking to find the best flash cart for my GBA that can read my existing carts so I don't have to carry 12 of 'em while I am on a looooooong flight to Oz. I have been reading reviews and am confused, which ones can read the carts and back them up to my PC? Which is the most compatible? I would be looking at at least 512Mb in size.

    Very few seem to state if they can actually read carts for backup and it seems that they can only take roms from the PC so, aside from "obtaining" the ROMs, how do I get my carts into my PC?

    I have been looking at some which seem to USB link into the gameboy, which I assume allows a cart to be uploaded, but again it isn't clear. The SD card type really appeal to me, due to the mass storage they offer (i have over 50 games!) but again it isn't clear how I copy the cart to the PC.

    Sorry if this is something that has been discussed before, i have tried to search through the site to see if it has been asked or something similar, but nothing popped up!

    All the best [​IMG]
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    The "SD card type" won't come with the USB link you need to back up an official cart. You used to be able to buy the USB-GBA link cables separately, but they're rather old now so probably hard to get.

    Try researching the G6; it has built-in memory so comes with a USB adapter. I read somewhere that it can back up save files from official carts so it wouldn't surprise me if it could back up the games as well. Backing up official carts is not something that's mentioned in reviews so finding an instruction manual for the cart's client software is probably the only way to find out.