Best emulators for iPad Air

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I've been trying to do some searching to find out the best emulators for the iPad air; however, I'm finding a lot of out dated articles, as well as a lot of articles going on about the non-jailbreak hack.

    I've got a iPad Air (1), 32gb. It's jailbroken on that latest version 8.1.2.

    I'm mainly looking for these types of emulators

    Sega Genesis
    GB/GBA/Game Gear

    One thing I'd love to do is have the ability to play with a PS4 controller (or Wii if necessary).

    If somebody could perhaps give me a run down on where to find that most up-to-date and best functioning emulators of those systems, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Here are the emulators I use for each system:

    MAME4iOS - Arcade Games
    RetroArch - Multiple System Emulator (including a functional PSX emulator and OK N64 support)
    GBC.emu - Gameboy and Gameboy Color
    MD.emu - Sega Genesis
    GBA.emu - Gameboy Advance
    GBA4iOS - Gameboy Advance
    NEO.emu - Neo Geo
    SNES9x EX+ - Super Nintendo
    NES.emu - Nintendo Entertainment System
    PCE.emu - PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

    You can read up on all of the .emu apps at
    Some are paid, others are free. For example, SNES9x is free and can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo in Cydia.

    Every one of the ones listed perform extremely well. And since you're jailbroken, you can install either Blutrol or Controllers for All to add additional controller support.

    I use a ION iCade CORE joystick for MAME.

    Once Controllers for All is installed you can use either a PS3 or PS4 controller with some of these. For example, SNES 9x and RetroArch support both.

    The .emu apps, if I remember correctly, support the Wii mote and classic controller out of the box.

    Good luck!