Bernie Stolar talks about Dreamcast

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    Bernie Stolar

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    Dreamcast is for me one of the best systems that have appeared in the history of videogames, I read inepts saying the console of Sega fail for number of reasons related with the myth of video games are technology, people who say the console had to have a DVD player, people say that Sega should have waited a year to compete as equals with Playstation 2. In the end, you find what happened is Sega cast out a president who believed that software is what controls the sales of hardware and Sega as a manufacturer with the obligation to move the sales of hardware creating software to do that consumers want to buy the console.

    In any case, it is good to know Dreamcast was not adrift on the grounds that many blame, for a poor planning of a directive who really don´t understood how goes the videogames and the company was destroyed by inside.
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    I realize now that if you don't like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and anime related crap all the best games last gen were on the DC, the Xbox and even the GCN to some extent. Its sad the DC was killed off by managerial incompetence and PS2 hype. The PS2 hype was especially undeserved. (Especially if you don't like the old PlayStation standards.)

    Anyway, I've met Bernie and he's a dick. But he's not as bad as Peter Mole, 'er I mean Peter MOORE.

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    Ahh The Good Old Days
    I Remember that i used to have Sonic adventures 1&2,Jet Set Radio,and lets not forget Shenmue [​IMG]
    love those games and this system to death
    lol mine still works X)
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    Oh poor Dreamcast I feel so sorry for it.
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    Loved my Dreamcast back in the days aswell, there were ALOT of really good games for that console indeed.
    Loved that you didnt have to mod it in any way either
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    Not quite on the anime line

    The DC had a good share of adult VN titles (Japan only though none are really memorable save for Happy Lesson) also Gundam Side Story 0079 which is a cult classic and released in the US. The US version is very rare these days and I still have my copy.

    Also, the PS2 just came out of nowhere, just as the Dreamcast was getting good, the PS2 comes.
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    Why would you care?
    Never had a dreamcast but it sounds interesting.