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    Since i have played many fun games in Japanese, i couldn't understand it so i am asking you all translators for ds games and post very easy step-by-step guide for translating games. NOT graphics, or dubbing voice, or cut scenes, but just translating words. I know there is a topic about this but i am new and it was really complicated to understand. So again, what i am asking is a EASY step-by-step translating ds roms in general. This may turn out to be a good topic for future translators. But first i would like to know how to translate. Plz also give me the programs i will need to download in the steps also. (THANX [​IMG]
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    Your first step should be to obtain a proper grasp of both english and japanese witch from your post I suspect you lack both.
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    There're a lot of threads asking about this, search for them. You want EASY step-by-step instructions? Read some documents in (they aren't step-by-step instructions, but basic of romhacking, and EASY to understand). If you want to translate games focus on text editing and learn japanese.
    Good luck.
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    he's asking only for dialogue text, and no graphics, which is sorta my specialty/all i can do...

    there is no such thing as easy step-by-step instructions. a lot of reverse engineering is logic, understanding how a computer functions and staring at what often feels like the Matrix code.
    shinryouma is right. even if is on snes roms, that knowledge can help out a lot. just don't spend too much time working on tables. so far, all the games on the ds (with the exception of 2 to my knowledge), use the same table so pay more attention to pointers and stuff.

    if you don't like, FAST wrote a terrific guide on this forum (stickied at the top). it does talk about graphics and stuff, but if you actually look through it, there are plenty of juicy tidbits on text stuff.
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    Step 1 - Learn Japanese
    Step 2 - Go to this URL.
    Step 3 - ??????
    Step 4 - Profit!

    You want us to give you the programs you need? Well, first tell us what games you're planning to translate. What you use to grab the text and such sometimes depends on the game.