Basically free VPS?

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    I'm looking into some VPS hosting providers who can run my Minecraft server for me. One that I found is Dotblock:

    They have a great deal, and with a 30 day free trial, seriously, what could be better? But I do have some questions.

    I am going to use my prepaid credit card to sign up (need a credit card to sign up) and it only has $0.22 on it. o:

    Can I use that to sign up, get my 30 day free trial with the promo code, and cancel it on day 29, and won't get charged at all? Or does it charge you the day you start?

    Can I redo this after I cancel it, to get another 29 free days before I have to cancel?
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    You'd have to read the terms and conditions of the service to get your answer (or get someone to read it for you, but not me - I'm too lazy).

    Usually, that 30 day free trial is basically your "cooldown" period before you commit to the subscription. In that way, if you do cancel on day 29, you will never be charged. And since you say it's a "free trial", you will not be charged on the day you start (that's the opposite of free). You will only be charged on the 31st day.

    As for "renewing" your trial, that depends on their system. If they keep records of who you are when you sign up (e.g. your credit card number or your IP address), you will probably have to sign up with completely new details to get another trial, otherwise they may just say "you've had your trial, please consider subscribing with us if you like our service that much". It all depends on how they've set up their system, and this will be detailed in the terms and conditions.