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    Mar 19, 2009
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    Hi to everyone at GBAtemp. I'm a Scots guy who... you've guessed it knows about the Nintendo DS homebrew scene. By the looks of this site's name it's been around alot longer than the DS has [​IMG]

    I've been looking through this site now and again as it's very useful indeed for compatibilty issues for NDS stuff. I thought I'd eventually join and give some of my opinions and ask for help if I need to about this stuff.

    I always think Homebrew software is such a great idea because it lets you get alot more out of your DS/Lite and allows you to store your "backed up" games onto 1 card with enevatable temptation to try out a few other stuff [​IMG]

    I have known about the DS Homebrew scene for a couple of years and I have an M3 Lite which I like and still use also.

    I recently bought an Acekard 2i just incase I get a Nintendo DSi sometime before the battle of the firmwares start between Nintendo and Acekard to stop us using custom software on the DSi.

    My name is just obviously a parody on the name Cactus Jack. I'm a wrestling fan and liked Mick Foley's hardcore character but got my own Scottish twist to it.

    Anyways there is a little intro on me. See you all around GBAtemp sometime [​IMG]
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    Good introduction, welcome to the forums! And if you have any suggestions to improve the place feel free to mention them [​IMG]
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    Heey there~! Like your opening... grabbed my attention ^^
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    nice opening
    and welcome