Backups & USB Gecko?

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    I'm thinking of getting a USB Gecko, but I was wondering, do I need any 3rd party rippers to backup my wii/GC games, or can I do it through USB Gecko itself? I heard that you can backup games using just USB Gecko and Gecko OS, will this work on an unchipped wii, and do I need any extra files to make it work?

    This is the guide in question:

    How to Extract your Games:

    1. Download Gecko DVD PC executable and also download the GeckoOS 1.6d fixed ISO for your region. Both of these downloads can always be found in the download section of the forum.

    2. Burn the Gecko OS v1.06d fixed ISO to a DVD-R you have just downloaded using Imgeburn. Here is a guide on burning ISO files by Memorris.

    3. Now insert your DVD you have just burned, go to the disc options and boot the game as you would any other Gamecube DVD. Once loaded you will get a screen like below. (Version number may alter, please don't worry)
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    you can backup your games using DVD_Dumper 1.2 thru a network to your PC, easier than this I'm sure...!!! [​IMG]