Backup Loader Gamma Error 249 Verbatim DVD-Rs

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    I'm trying to use the Wii Backup Loader Gamma and am getting the Disc Read Error 249. I've read that this has recently been isolated as a media problem, however I can assure you my media is tip top quality. Using the recommended Verbatim DVD-Rs a brand new SONY external DVD burner at 4x speed (it's slowest), all of this done in Disk Utility which verifies the burn as without error. this can't be a IOS problem because I've installed and uninstalled and reinstalled every aspect of this multiple times and am sure I followed all my guides to the letter. The game I'm trying to run is Sam and Max Season One and while I heard this game freezes before it can start it is supposed to load up successfully so I need it to start as a proof of concept. Please. Help.
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    If the cIOS installer from Waninkoko didn't gave you any error, then I think you may need to burn the .iso at 16X, some DVD's can take under 8X writting [​IMG]
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    also use dvdinfo to check the quality of your burn at each speed anything under 80% might as well be a coaster. for me 16x gives me 90-98% whereas 4x gives me 45-60% quality. But then thats my burner yours may prefer 8x. it varies from pc to pc
    Also at least one episode of sam and max is able to be played now if patched to use ios249.
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    Ok so your a mac user like i am. I use a app called "Burn" and it just does that... burn. I had some errors using Disk Utility then i switch and have had zero issues.
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    I have the older MacBook just second to the newly released... it was hard to find and info on what people used to burn with Macs i have used Disk Utility and half have worked and the others read but are black and white and the screen jumps all around. So I have been trying on a windows machine and over looked using I had it before i got Toast (that too didnt work to burn Wii iso's either) But also a lot of other Mac Users also swear by using Liquid CD to burn Wii iso's. The current version sees the Wii iso's as corrupted but a post on the Dev site says they are working on patching that in the next version so thats another app to give it a shot with. Here is a link for Liquid CD
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    ether is correct - have you definately installed the correct cios ?

    Are you using the HB channel to run it or an installed channel ?
    Where did you get the installer and is it the up to date one ?

    The discs seem perfect so its either the burning app or the cios now installed correctly.
    You can install a CIOS on its own without going through anything else so its worth a re-install and see if it fixes it.

    Editing the IOS for sam and max to IOS249 before burn fixes the rebooting issue as well though you have to load the game with backup loder press 1 , press b and then load through the disc channel for it to not reboot - its a bit awkward but it should work.