Backup eShop title's saves.

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    I was wondering if it's possible to backup the save file of a certain eShop title.

    After a while I noticed a few games stopped working for me (GB Donkey Kong, and a few GBA and NES games). I fixed most with redownloading the games but there are a couple of games I don't want to lose its progress, so I was wondering if by coping some files from the SD, redownload the games and put those files back I could preserve the saves.
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    You could but you will have to find the save in the mess of files that they have
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    All 3DS eshop saves are stored on the SD card.
    All DSi eshop saves are stored on the device itself. And can't be backed up, only transfered to a new system with the system transfer function.

    All you would need to back up your save is know the path to the file on the SD card to save. Restoring a save from a previous backup point has no ill effects unless they added some kind of timestamp with the current 3DS firmware and stored it only on the NAND and not on the SD.