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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by link907, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I have been neglecting wii homebrew and jacks the past 7 months, i have a wii first issue 4.2 homebrew channel boot mii boot2. im wondering have any big homebrew games hacks have been released sense iv been outta touch. long live the wii!
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    There are alot of games that can now be used to hack your wii.

    Super smash bros. brawl has an exploit for ntsc, pal, and korean wiis that can be used on the latest firmware.

    There are a ton of the lego games that also have exploits; lego starwars, lego indiana jones, and lego batman for example.

    I think there are a couple more games that have exploits, yu-gi-oh 5d's is one. I think there are a few more I don't remember
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    If you're already on 4.2 with HBC bootmii and boot2 you don't really need to do anything... You've already got everything to do whatever you need to do.
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    Sorry...I don't get what you mean by that. As you probably know, the HBC kinda serves as the base for all homebrew programs to be released on. There have been releases of exploits of games to allow you to install the HBC on 4.3, but on 4.2 or lower, you don't need a game for it (bannerbomb suffices).

    As for homebrew...there have been some nice releases, but what is it you're looking for? riivolution, rawksd and sneek have gotten some updates (rawksd only private and/or time-based ones, though)...priiloader as well. XFlak has made modmii, which is a windows program that is a swiss army knife of everything a beginning hacker needs. And speaking of which...emu-kidit has put in some serious effort of getting gamecube games to work through sd-gecko or an IDE hard drive. The result - called swiss - is still in beta, but quite some games are very playable (you still need SOME extra hardware, though).

    On the emulation front, Marc_Max has been working on mighty channels. Combined with d2x's modifications of Waninkoko's latest revision, running emulated wiiware/VC is looking nice. Though honestly, I must say that developments for sneek is starting to show more results. Joyflow (a modified wiiflow that runs under sneek) can already run pretty much all wiiware, VC, channels and games (in Crediar's DiscEX-format), and .wbfs support is on its way as well.

    Tantric still updates his emulators from time to time, and wiimc also received some updates. giantpune made a way to allow you to create your own disc full of emulated games (details: check out punemu), as well as a program that supposedly TOTALLY virginizes your wii (check out oneswarzen...just check out the homebrew bounty section).

    There's probably more...but that's all I can think of right now.