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    Long story short, I recently bought an old Xbox 360 Elite from an old friend, mostly to hyelp him out in all fairness. He's lost his job, wanted to take his girlfriend somewhere nice, couldn't really afford to spend £60 on an Xbox but now I have so I'm stuck with it. Here's the skinny. I've re-downloaded all my old games from my profile from my old 360 (like, 4 years ago old) including my beloved Outrun Online Arcade, but I didn't really look into the exclusives situation all that much since this was mostly to help out a friend. I also have a PS3 which is pretty well stocked with games, and now I'm looking into the 360 situation and I find most of the games are also available on PS3. So here's my question.

    What exclusive to 360 titles, or at least titles best suited to the 360 over the PS3, are there you can recommend to me, bearing in mind the following guidelines?

    - If it was re-released in the UK on PS3 with enhanced features, I'll get the PS3 version instead.
    - I can't stand Halo. It's (in my opinion) overrated badly written tripe on a bike.
    - I'm getting Gears of War 3 simply for multiplayer with a friend of mine, I have no interest in the series at large.
    - I already have Minecraft on my PS3.
    - I'm a fan of RPGs, flying games, Sonic, occasionally FPS games.
    - I basically don't play sports games unless they are something unique like Blood Bowl, not the annual rehashes.

    So far I've singled out the following games as on my shopping list:

    - Tales of Vesperia. Had it before, need it again. No brainer.
    - Ace Combat 6. I might grab Assault Horizon too but that had a PS3 release as well, so depends which version is cheaper.
    - Blue Dragon
    - Lost Oddysey
    - Infinite Undiscovery
    - Last Remnant
    - Enchanted Arms (I know it also got a PS3 release but I've literally never seen it anywhere in this city)
    - Eternal Sonata, unless the super-rare PS3 revision shows up.
    - Ninety Nine Nights 1+2

    I've only got a 20GB hard drive at the moment so I can download a few XBLA games (banjo Kazooie 1+2 are in my sights) but I won't be downloading anything barring possibly Tales of Vesperia from Games On Demand as the files are simply too big to be practical right now.

    With that in mind, add whatever you think are the best experiences I can have with my 360. If it also appeared on PS3 and I haven;t already played it, I'll consider it unless it's substantially cheaper or superior on PS3.
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