Autorunning Moonshell2 on Ak2i suggestion

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by CannonFoddr, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. CannonFoddr

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    Sep 23, 2006
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    Ok - bit of a suggestion that's came about after reading This Thread about using Moonshell as the 'default firmware & AKAIO as Sub-OS' and This thread to get Moonshell 2 to be able to run commercial ROMS on a acekard.

    Anyone with a AK2i knows that the tip to get moonshell2 to be the 'default firmware' (by changing the name to 'akmenu4.nds') WILL NOT WORK -
    they get the message 'System Files missing'.

    One way around this is to get AKAIO to 'autorun' Moonshell2 as soon as it loads - & by using the AKAIO loader you can get Moonshell2 to run commercial games (as long as MS2 is version 2.06 or below that is - anything higher & it blocks it)

    My suggestion is this - if it was possible, could a special 'akmenu4.nds' be made that fools the AK2i into thinking that the system files exist & then loads in 'moonshl2.nds' straight away WITHOUT having to load in AKAIO first.
    So instead of
    This way you'll boot into moonshell & use MS for playing music/video/game etc, & if you select 'boot to firmware' from within MS - it'll boot into AKAIO so you can then use cheats/backup sav etc & because 'autorun' would be switched off in AKAIO then you'll won't need to hold down the button

    I know it's only take a few seconds for the AKAIO autorun to work - but there's been many a time I've forgotten to press to bypass this when I've 'boot to firmware'
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