Automatically sort NDS files into folders by genre?

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    Is there a way to sort NDS files into folders by genre? NDSCrc can NAME them by genre, but I haven't figured out a way to sort them into genre folders yet. Is there a way to do that?
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    Dec 22, 2009
    I don't think it is possible, unless there is something in the header that shows what genre each game is, which I doubt.
    You'd be better off making folders and sorting them manually.
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    Jul 12, 2011
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    Actually, the Advanscene database includes genres and most renamers use that database, so it's very possible. I just can't find any programs that take advantage of this for anything other than naming the actual files themselves. They don't sort into genre folders.
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    I got curious so I had a look around. Most databases are XML/text based in my experience although checking no-intro and advanscene I saw no genre.
    Rominator (using <a href="" target="_blank"></a> - it ends at Dragon Quest VI - Realms of Reverie so you are missing the last 100 or so roms) did have genre lists (be aware there are also subgenre lists) but it seems to be sqlite (which may or may not be better at this point), fortunately there are browsers for the format but either way you should be able to twist it into a batch file.

    I exported the sqlite to csv (using <a href="" target="_blank"></a> , if you know how to work SQL you might even be able to do a query but my SQL is not good so export it is.
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->genreÂÂÂÂsubgenre
    Board GamesÂÂÂÂ
    Card BattleÂÂÂÂ
    FightingÂÂÂÂ2D$$$3D$$$Beat 'em Up$$$General
    Mini GamesÂÂÂÂ
    ParlorÂÂÂÂBilliards$$$Card Games$$$Gambling$$$Pinball
    Party GamesÂÂÂÂ
    PuzzleÂÂÂÂAction$$$Adventure$$$Block Stacker$$$Crossword$$$General$$$Sudoku
    ShooterÂÂÂÂFirst Person$$$General$$$On Rails$$$Scrolling$$$Third Person
    SimulationÂÂÂÂAction$$$Flight$$$Gambling$$$Game Show$$$General$$$Virtual Life$$$Virtual Pet
    StrategyÂÂÂÂGeneral$$$Real Time$$$Turn Based$$$Tycoon
    Visual NovelÂÂÂÂ

    Or if you prefer

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->md "Action"
    md "Adventure"
    md "Arcade"
    md "Board Games"
    md "Card Battle"
    md "Compilation"
    md "Cooking"
    md "Edutainment"
    md "Fighting"
    md "Mini Games"
    md "Music"
    md "Other"
    md "Parlor"
    md "Party Games"
    md "Platformer"
    md "Puzzle"
    md "RPG"
    md "Racing"
    md "Reading"
    md "Shooter"
    md "Simulation"
    md "Sports"
    md "Strategy"
    md "Trivia"
    md "Visual Novel"
    md "Fitness"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    Now you just need to build a move list based on names.
    One CSV arranged by genre, subgenre and then number (which I messed up and lost the leading 0s from if you use numbers).
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


    Assuming your roms are named accordingly (if they are not I would consider modding a list for another naming program using this data) generate a naming list and then
    mv [romname] [directory]

    Something like
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->mv "LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Dungeon Raiders.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Wizards of Waverly Place - Spellbound.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Midnight Mysteries - The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Hollywood Files - Deadly Intrigues.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Josefine Skolehjelp ? Engelsk - Mystery in London.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Sofie - Josefines Lillesøster - Hønseføtter og Gulerøtter.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Murder in Venice.7z" "Adventure"
    mv "CSI - Unsolved! (DSi Enhanced).7z" "Adventure"
    mv "Space Invaders DS.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Revolution.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Revolution.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Break 'Em All.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Nervous Brickdown.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "1500 DS Spirits Vol. 3 - Block Kuzushi.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Nervous Brickdown.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Geometry Wars - Galaxies.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Arkanoid DS.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Geometry Wars - Galaxies.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Brickdown [Super Lite 2500].7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme 2.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme 2.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Space Invaders Extreme 2.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Retro Arcade Toppers Vol. 1.7z" "Arcade"
    mv "Yakuman DS.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Simple DS Series Vol. 1 - The Mahjong.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Kidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza - Gundam Mahjong DS - Oyaji ni mo Agarareta Koto nai no ni!.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Appare! Shogi Jiisan - Washi to Shoubu ja.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Table Game Spirits.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Minna no Mahjong DS [v01].7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Nihon Pro Mahjong Kishikai Kanshuu - Pro ni naru Mahjong DS.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Itsu Demo Doko Demo Dekiru Igo - AI Igo DS.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Itsu Demo Doko Demo Dekiru Shogi - AI Shogi DS.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Jinsei-Game DS.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Card Game 9.7z" "Board Games"
    mv "Yakuman DS - Wi-Fi Taiou.7z" "Board Games"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    The fill command of spreadsheets and automated search and replace of text editors are your friends here.