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    Jul 17, 2013
    EDIT ---------------
    Okay, I've figured this was a HBC issue, nothing to do with CFG USB Loader since it's not even loaded yet when this window pops up.

    Some specs:
    So I've updated to IOS256/IOS257 on my HBC (on Wii, not Wii-U) and CFG USB Loader v70 (just in case someone asks).

    I've done this for my 8 year old son's Wii usage, so there's a couple of things I'm scared he could click by accident. Update-wise (Wii firmware) I feel safer because I've set Priiloader in NAND to block unwanted updates, but there's still something nagging me :

    When you go to Homebrew Channel, you see your list of apps appear on the screen. When selecting Configurable USB Loader, you then have to click LOAD to load it. I was wondering if there was some syntax in config.txt to change this to autoload (or "skip clicking load"). I've checked the "ConfiguratorHelp.chm" help file and searched everything "load" related but didn't find it, so that's where I come and ask for some help, or if there's a huge list of possible "commands" somewhere.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this, and a HUGE thank you to this community and its top contributors for making my life even more marvelous than it was.
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